Teen's 'Prom-posal' goes viral

RALEIGH, NC -- A North Carolina high school student got a huge surprise when her boyfriend asked her to prom in a unique way. Now, news of his prom-posal is going viral.

High school sweethearts Jesse Jacobs and Maddy Comito were among the crowd packed into PNC Arena in Raleigh Saturday for the Syracuse versus N.C. State game. The tickets were a gift from Maddy.

"He's the biggest Syracuse fan, and we both want to go to N.C. State" Maddy explained. "So I surprised him with that for our one-year, and that's how we ended up doing that."

What she didn't know was that her boyfriend of over a year had a surprise of his own planned.

"I was completely shocked; I did not expect anything at all," Maddy said. "I wasn't even looking at the screen. He was distracting me and then he said 'Hey you should look in the Jumbotron!' I was like what?"

What Maddy saw was a formal invitation to go her senior prom.

"Honestly, the idea just came to me," Jesse said. "I thought how cool would that be if I could do that for her at the last game of the season for N.C. State?"

Jesse set it up with a friend's father who works at PNC Arena and then arranged for friends and his mom to take pictures of the big prom-posal.

"He was like 'What was your answer?' and I said 'Yes of course,'" Maddy said.

Now the couple is looking forward to making their prom as memorable as the request itself.

Meanwhile, as the tweet about his proposal went viral, Jesse is learning he set the bar high for other young men, and also for himself in the future.
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