Teachers donate sick days to coach with baby battling cancer

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (KTRK) -- A high school football coach in Alabama is in a tough spot. His infant daughter, Kinsley Green, was diagnosed with cancer at 10 months old.

Both the mom and the baby have been spending a lot of time at the hospital, but the dad, David, has been forced to work.

Last month, Kinsley's mother, Megan, took to Facebook to ask teachers to donate their sick days to her husband so the family could be together more often.

"One of our teachers took the news story and emailed it out to the entire faculty," Goldsmith Schiffman principal Jennifer Doughit said.

Educators at the school worked together to help donate a month's worth of off-days to the family.

"You want to send words of encouragement, you want to do something to help. This was a real physical way that we could help him and his family," teacher Anna Kachelman said.

Several teachers and administrators across the state donated more than 100 hours so that David will be able to take off to be with his family whenever they need him.
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