TALKING TATTS: More ink with messages of love and tribute

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They look like globs of ink poured on your skin. But these designs have special meaning that you'll want to be all ears for. (Courtesy of Skin Motion) (KTRK)

As Eyewitness News showed you Monday night, tattoos are bringing a new type of message thanks to advances in the inking art.

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Through "soundwave tattoos," people can have the visual representation of a recorded message inked on their skin, adding more personality to a design.

In the video above, you can see a mother's personal message and the sound of her own child etched on her skin, assured that her baby will be a baby forever. You can also take a look at another mother - one of the "dog mom" variety - get her canine's trademark howl on her skin.

In addition, the creator of the new tattoos, Skin Motion, has provided additional examples of its inked work, with representations of love and deeply personal tributes forever echoed from skin:

You can find more designs and a locator to find the nearest "soundwave tattoo" artist here.

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A startup company is developing a tattoo ink that would fade away a year after application.

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