Generous stranger grants ill Houston boy's special wish to meet WWE star

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The scars on 8-year-old Mason Leibham's head tell the story of a little boy with a skull too small for his brain.

He suffers from Pfeiffer Syndrome, a genetic disorder that keeps the skull from growing. He has had 62 surgeries to date.

"They have to go in periodically and do a zig-zag incision from ear to ear and they will shape his skull to give his brain more room to grow," Vanessa Leibham said.

The physical battle is only part of Mason's struggle. It's his heart that hurts the most. Other kids can be cruel.

"Now he's old enough and he knows. He knows what it means when they say they're scared and run away," Leibham said. "He knows what it means when they won't play with him or they call him a monster. Those things I can't fix."

As a mom, Leibham tries to overload those bad experiences with good ones, like buying Mason his favorite WWE Wrestling toys. His favorite wrestler, John Cena, is coming to Houston in a few weeks. Leibham knew how much it would mean to Mason if he got to go.

A complete stranger decided to step in and help.

"I saw a random request on Facebook about a little boy who wanted to go to the WWE competition that's September 20," Robert Tijerina said, "I kept seeing it repeat and repeat and instead of watching something happen, I thought I should take matters into my own hands and make something happen for him."

Tijerina bought Mason two front-row seats, along with a meet-and-greet with John Cena.

"This is making the difference. People are seeing that beyond the face there's a huge heart, and they're opening their hearts up," Leibham said. "And for that, we can't say thank you enough."
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