Love, marriage and the Internet: Social media blamed for more divorces

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Shari is just one of many women who claim their addiction to Facebook led to the end of their marriages (KTRK)

Social media postings have cost some people their jobs and friendships. Now, it's costing many people their spouse.

Experts say an increasing number of couples are heading for splitsville over postings on Facebook and Twitter.

Shari, a married mother with two kids, was one of them. She recently told WBBM-TV her husband filed for divorce after she tried to build up an event planning business on Facebook.

At first, she used the site to find new clients, but it quickly grew into an obsession.

"I was spending sometimes 4 or 5 hours a day...when I should have been cooking dinner or reading to my kids or watching a movie with my husband or just talking to my husband," said Shari.

She eventually friended 5,000 people on Facebook, including ex-boyfriends. She says her husband became suspicious then filed for divorce when he discovered she was trading messages with her exes.

Shari is not alone. According to Censuswide, social media is now blamed for one in seven divorces. Some say that number is too conservative.

"That sounds very low to me to be honest," said divorce lawyer Christine Svenson, who claims social media is behind at least half of her divorce cases.

As for Shari, she's still working to curb her Facebook obsession after her divorce.
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