Three-year-old can't contain grief after getting 'parking ticket'

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A photo of a young boy from Nova Scotia, Canada getting a fake parking ticket is getting plenty of admiration online. (Halifax Regional Police) (Halifax Regional Police)

When police say no parking in the circle by the ferry, they mean it. Even if you're a 3-year-old driving a red plastic motorcycle.

Declan Tramley had a priceless reaction when an officer in Nova Scotia wrote him a "ticket" for forgetting the rule. In a photo going viral, the officer leans down and pretends to issue the ticket as Declan throws his palm on his face in displeasure.

The officer, Shawn Currie, said he was just trying to create a little fun for himself and Declan.

"It's nice to show the different sides of police," Curie told CTV News. "We're not always making arrests and hauling people away."

Despite his exasperation in the photo, Declan enjoyed the joke, his mom said.

"He loves his ticket," his mom, Lisa, told CTV. "He tried to go to bed with his ticket."

The photo has passed 10,000 likes on the police department's Facebook page.

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