Slim Thug drives around Houston, reminds fans to take quarantine seriously

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A week after telling his fans he tested positive for coronavirus, Houston rapper Slim Thug posted video of himself driving around town, wearing a mask and gloves, and telling his followers to "stay inside" if they don't want the virus.

In the video posted Thursday to his Instagram account, the rapper, whose real name is Stayve Thomas, shows his gloved hand holding a steering wheel wrapped in plastic.

A view out of his windshield suggests he was driving along Southwest Freeway heading toward Weslayan.

Other images show a green smoothie in his cup holder and a bag from health food business Nektar.

Then, Slim flips his phone to the front camera, showing himself wearing a mask covering his mouth and nose.

"Yeah, (expletive). I'm outside, so you (expletive) better stay inside unless you want that (expletive) corona. Sit your (expletive) down somewhere, because I'm outside," Slim says in the video.

UPDATE: In a subsequent video posted to his account, the Houston rapper ensured fans he never left his car and only took a drive because he was bored in his house during quarantine.

The 39-year-old had an interview with ABC13 last week after he revealed his positive diagnosis.

"If you want it, that's how you should move. If you don't want it, you should stay home and stay out the way," he said.
In the same interview, he mentioned his self-isolation.

"I'm not going to go crazy. It's only two weeks. This ain't jail," he said. "I don't mind waiting for two weeks to get back to life."

He mentioned what he said happened when he may have contracted the virus.

"I wasn't outside clubbing or doing something extra. Everything I was doing was essential. I did get a haircut. I must have caught the spray," he said, demonstrating a wipe of his forehead. "Outside of that, I went to get something to eat. I stayed in my truck, I never got out of my truck."

He mentioned that he had gloves and a mask on at that point as well.

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