Woman who lost dad to cancer becomes surrogate for cancer survivor

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) -- A selfless act, from a woman who lost a loved one to cancer, was able to give life to one who survived it.

Ryan Davis and Amber Jordan have become close friends. The two moms love to share stories about their little ones.

"You'll miss it when she's as big as Paisley, I promise, and you can't hold her anymore," Davis said.

But what's different is one mom sharing advice someone wouldn't usually know about another person's baby.

"She liked to party around 2:00 a.m.," Davis recalled.

"She still does," Jordan said.

Ryan Davis knows a lot about Amber Jordan's baby because she gave birth to her a couple weeks ago.

"There was something about her and about her story, and everything we were going through that I had to turn it into something positive," Davis recalled.

The two met a couple years ago when Davis' dad was battling cancer.

"He was goofy," Davis said of her dad. "He was the ultimate dad jokester."

Before he died, Davis heard about Jordan's desire to have a baby. Cancer treatment prevented it from happening.

Jordan froze embryos and waited for a surrogate. It took almost ten years until she found Davis.

"She gave me and my family the greatest gift," Jordan said.

Jordan lives in Louisiana, but traveled to Houston a couple weeks ago when Willow June was born.

"I still think somebody is going to come and say, 'Okay, your dream is over. We're taking the baby away,'" Jordan explained.

"I didn't want to be the girl whose dad just died from cancer," Davis explained. "I wanted to turn that into something more, and something bigger, and helped someone who had been through cancer themselves."

"I'll never be able to repay for what she has done," Jordan said.

Jordan isn't the only one prevented from becoming a mom because of cancer. The pair hopes their story inspires others to look into surrogacy to make dreams come true.

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