Make-up artist's lip art design inspired by "Coco" wins fans' hearts

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A make-up artist is bringing new life to the "Coco" characters with her lip art. (KTRK)

A Los Angeles make-up artist is winning over the hearts of "Coco" fans on social media with her intricate lip-art design inspired by the movie.

Jazmina Daniel's design features the main character Miguel alongside another character named Hector.

In an Instagram post, Daniel said it took her 6.5 hours to complete.

But that's not the only movie Daniel pays homage to with her designs.

She has also done a look inspired by the films "Edward Scissorhands" and "Mulan" and the popular TV show "Stranger Things."

"Anything that makes me feel any type of emotion, I really love to do. That's what inspires me the most. That's why I do a lot of movie-themed lip arts," Daniel said.

Daniel became a make-up artist in 2006 after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, which she later had removed.

"I had to leave school, and to pass the time, I painted and did art on paper and myself," Daniel explains. "My mom suggested for me to then do a makeup course later on and my passion for makeup, especially, lip art just grew from then on."

Daniel has also created designs inspired by two Texas stars, Selena and Beyonce.

You can check out lip art tutorials on her YouTube page.
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