S&M workout becomes hit in Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- With Valentine's Day just a few days away, why not love yourself, love your body, and love your partner?

Studies prove that exercise not only improves body image, but can also improve your sex life.

An exercise that is becoming one of the hottest workouts in town is called S&M - but not that kind of S&M. Stretch and Movement is the fitness class that's boosting confidence and bringing sexy back.

The Good Space fitness studio owner Melody Morton originally created her Stretch and Movement class just for herself.

"It's my goddess class. It's my stress relief. It's how I get through each week. It's a fusion class of everything I love: dance, Pilates, yoga, sculpt," Morton said.

Now she shares it with others with the goal of making her clients feel motivated and wanting to come back for more. Nicole Fertitta is one of those clients returning each week.

"You come in and you let loose, and you're just being free and stretching and moving parts of your body that you wouldn't think about until you take the class," Fertitta said.

Morton says any type of exercise improves self-esteem, but this workout also boosts body image.

"This class makes you feel feminine and open and joyful," Morton said. "We're doing so much stretching of the inner thighs, and we're squeezing the pelvic floor so much in the glute portion, and in the entire portion of the class that
because of that circulation of that blood flow, you're turned on when you leave class. I'm sorry, but it's true!"

S&M has become one of Morton's most popular classes, and she's running a Valentine's Day special from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Her "Get Sexy With It" will be $25 per person or bring a friend and the price is $40 for two.

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