ABC-13 viewer fixes quadriplegic man's damaged van after attempted break-in

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Ronnie Rubit says there was an outpouring of offers to help him. But it was a business owner in Kingwood that came to his rescue.

A quadriplegic man was left in a real bind because thieves tried to take off with his handicapped van, damaging it in the process.

We first brought you Ronnie Rubit's story earlier this month. And our phones and emails started blowing up as soon as his story aired.

Rubit has been paralyzed since he suffered a football injury during his freshman season at Lamar University. That was in 1976. The van he's depended on since 2007 to get him around was targeted by thieves recently. They broke his door lock and his ignition, but weren't able to get away. The damage they left behind left him unable to get to wherever MetroLift can't take him, including his doctor.

After seeing his story exclusively on Eyewitness News, he says there was an outpouring of offers to help him.

"I had some wonderful people call me," Rubit said. "I wasn't surprised because people have helped me all my life, especially since my injury. There are children of God everywhere, I believe."

Daniel Stone with Kenneth's Complete Car Care in Kingwood says the story struck a chord with him.

"Sadness about how somebody would try to steal this guy's van considering it's the only thing he has to get around in," Stone told Eyewitness News.

A driver from Humble Towing went on his day off to get Rubit's van from East Harris County, brought it to Kingwood, and Stone fixed it for free. And he threw in some extra.

"We cleaned it up, got all the metal fragments from where they destroyed everything. Got it all working. All he's gotta do is put the key in and go."

Our crew was there for the moment Ronnie Rubit got his baby back. The detail job was one of the first things he noticed.

"Those tires look brand new," he said.

"We got them all shined up for you," Stone replied.

Gratitude was the theme of this meeting. One was grateful to be rolling again. The other was grateful to be able to help.

"I'm very appreciative of what you guys did," Rubit told Stone.

"More than glad to take care of your van for you," he replied.

Rubit says this lets him get back on the road, and back to doing the things he has to do.

The van is now parked inside the gate of Rubit's complex. And it's right in front of his friend's bedroom window. He hopes that will keep it from being an easy target.
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