Crowdfunding project raising money for balloon version of President Trump

LONDON (KTRK) -- A crowdfunding project in London has raised six times its goal to create a 20-foot tall balloon of President Donald Trump as a baby.

The campaign goal was to raise $2,000 but nearly $13,000 has already been raised for the orange colored balloon. The balloon would fly over Parliament during Trump's visit to London on July 13.

The environmentalist who came up with the idea says it's not a protest against America.

"It's a protest against what Trump is turning America into," the environmentalist said.

Activists say they are in talks with the city of London over whether the balloon will be allowed to fly over parliament.

If not, they plan on using the additional funds to attach it to a barge and fly it over central London. Then they plan to use any left over money to take "Baby Trump" on tour across the United States.
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