Police chief caught napping in patrol car

MEMPHIS, TN (KTRK) -- Someone is in hot water after they were caught sleeping on the job.

A Mid-South police chief answered some questions after he was caught on camera sleeping in a patrol car.

On Saturday, WREG got several pictures. The sender said it's the new Arkansas police chief sleeping in his patrol car on the streets.

WREG tracked Chief Willie Frazier down and showed him the pictures. He said it's him, and he knows exactly when the picture was taken.

"I'd been working a lot of hours, so I pulled up to the store and I just paused for a minute."

The police chief said he came in for a few hours on Saturday. That's when he was caught snoozing in a patrol car. He claimed he was off duty.

"They need to get a life. That is what they need to do. That is a good man right there," said Jermaine Patterson, who lives in Parkin.

The chief's explanation is getting mixed reviews, but as you see, he was not wearing his police uniform. He was in his patrol car, however.

Chief Frazier has been on the job since June when Parkin got their police department back. The town lost their police department in April because of financial issues.

"Everyone is doing their job. I'm not sure which picture you saw, but my police chief-- he works a lot," said Mayor Willie Patterson.

Mayor Patterson said Frazier works a lot because they're short staffed right now. When the police department closed in April, all nine officers were laid off. For now, they've only got six new officers back on the streets.

Frazier reportedly has to cover his shift and the next one because each needs supervision.

Patterson said with a schedule like that, he's even told Frazier to get rest whenever and however he can, and adds it is never safe for anyone to drive tired.
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