Texas teen makes unexpected splash after tumbling into water during photo shoot

WACO, Texas (KTRK) -- Sometimes in life, you just have to laugh at yourself when things go awry.

Waco high school student Laura Lee Gunn had one of those moments when she recently made an unexpected splash during her senior photo shoot.

Photographer Laura Endsley told ABC13 she was snapping photos of Gunn at a spot that she shoots at often because it's so scenic.

But this session was unlike any other.

Gunn ended up tumbling into the water.

"It scared me to death until I ran to the edge and saw her head bob up and heard her laughing, " Endsley recalled.

"If anyone had to fall over, I'm so glad it was Laura Lee because she is the sweetest, fun-loving, laid back girl you'd ever meet. You can tell by her great attitude after it happened," she added.

Gunn did manage to give a thumbs up while she was in the water.

Endsley said the session wasn't even over yet when the fall made it come to a screeching halt.

Talk about memorable!
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