Photo of toddler offering water to firefighter goes viral

OAKLAND, California -- A touching photo shared to Facebook shows a very special moment between a firefighter and a little girl.

The picture features Oakland firefighter Kevan Brown minding a toddler on the pavement outside of her apartment building. Brown had been called to the building after the unit the little girl and her mother lived in caught on fire.

Brown was doing a search and rescue of the unit when he spotted an empty crib in the apartment and feared the worst. He didn't find anyone but saw the girl and her mother waiting outside when he left the unit.

He then volunteered to 'babysit' the toddler while her mom went up to her apartment to try and salvage what she could. This is when the child offered Brown her bottle of water, which other firefighters caught on camera.

The touching image was shared to the Oakland Firefighters Local 55 Facebook page with the caption "Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day."
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