Philly fan gets Eagles trick play tattoo

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Man gets permanent reminder of the Eagle's Super Bowl trick play (KTRK)

Some fans wear their team devotion on their sleeve, and then there's Dan Morgan who wears his devotion to the Philadelphia Eagles on his forearm.

Morgan got a tattoo of the trick play that got the Eagles a touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday.

"It was the greatest play that I have ever seen in my entire life," said Morgan.

Morgan is referring to the trick play the Eagles ran against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, in which running back, Corey Clement, tossed a touchdown pass to Philly quarterback Nick Foles.

"It means a lot to me that Corey Cement was involved in it, because he's from Glassboro. I went to college in Glassboro so I love Corey Clement," said Morgan.

The play in question was called on a fourth-and-goal against the Patriots.

Morgan was hoping the team would have played it conservatively and kicked a field goal, but needless to say he was happy with the end result.

He also called the Eagles win a bucket list moment in his life.
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