Pasadena PD officer goes above and beyond call of duty

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- A local police officer is living proof that you don't have to risk your life to be a hero -- sometimes you just have to lend a helping hand at the right moment.

The Pasadena Police Department took to Instagram to share a heartwarming photo of one of their own, Officer Tuzun, sitting in a car as she comforts a crying baby.

Officer Tuzun was out on a call with a colleague when the infant's sister asked her for help calming the young child.

"Without hesitation, Tuzun took the child in her arms and began to feed him, calming the infant down until he was reunited with his mother," the department wrote.

"There are times when our role is just to be ourselves and let our compassion for others and commitment to our citizens shine through. This was certainly one of those times."
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