Party hacks to make your summer soiree even better

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Parties are meant to be fun, but throwing one often causes lots of stress. But with these party hacks, you can leave your guests talking well after the fun is over.

Crafty blogger Adeina Anderson says get creative and think outside the box.

"There's so many things to make your table extravagant and beautiful without spending too much money," Anderson said.

She transformed an outdoor clay flower pot into indoor serving dishes.

"Even if they have been used for plants, you can clean them up and you're going to paint over them anyways," Anderson said.

She added a few embellishments of ribbons, flowers, and paint to finish them off. Stacked up or by themselves, use them as a centerpiece that is sure to be a topic of conversation.

If you're serving a veggie tray, there's no need to dirty another dish. Just use produce that you already have.

"Bell peppers are great for that. Cut it in half, dig it out, put your dip inside, and there you go," Anderson said.

You can kick you traditional party dessert up a notch with ice cream cones! Anderson makes cupcakes in sugar cones. Just pour the batter in the cone and cook for the recommended time.

Frost the cupcakes as usual, and now you can have your cake and a cone too!

If you're party is in the evening, you can light the night with a unique spin on party lanterns.

"Take a battery operated candle, put them inside the balloon," Anderson said. "Blow it up, tie it off, it will light up the party," Anderson said.

The weight of the tea light won't allow the balloons to float, so you don't need to use helium. Just tie them around a post and you've got light!

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