The Offshore Technology Conference begins today

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston's largest annual convention kicks off today.

The Offshore Technology Conference draws thousands of people from across the region and the world. Engineers, technicians, executives and scientists gather to see some of the latest and greatest in drilling technology.

Among those who plan to be in attendance are members of Pink Petro. The newly formed group encourages and engages women in the energy sector. Katie Mehnert with Pink Petro said they're using social media to reach people across the energy sector.

"When you walk the floor, it's amazing," said Mehnert. "There's a lot of technology, innovation and a lot of innovation and technology that goes unnoticed and undervalued."

For more information on Pink Petro, visit their website,

OTC organizers said they still anticipate a large crowd at the event, despite the downturn in the energy sector. Last year, the price of oil started to fall resulting in tens of thousands of layoffs across the world. OTC's Vice Chair Joe Fowler said on Thursday they'll be offering free admission and special programs for those who've found themselves without a job. Fowler stressed the energy sector is alive and well.

"This exhibit hall behind us here will show anybody who comes the latest technology ... how you drill an oil well, how you complete a well," said Fowler. "The equipment is huge."

For more information about the convention and how to take part, visit their website,
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