Officer's hidden talent helps him unwind from stressful day

ROSENBERG, TX (KTRK) -- After a stress-filled day on the police force, one officer unwinds at the piano.

Rosenberg Police Officer Erik Marmol kept his musical talent to himself until a fellow officer broke the news on social media.

"As officers, we see a lot of things," Marmol says, "There are stressors, so I come home and it's just my way out."

Marmol is also a member of the SWAT team. Stress-management is a skill he must master.

"It's intense. For those who say they're not scared...if you're not scared you shouldn't be doing this," Marmol says, "It's just that difference of having that fear but being able to still go in and do your job."

Marmol has built up quite a repertoire - from Fur Elise to carnival tunes. He started playing the piano as a child after his mom bought an antique piano at a garage sale.

"She just wanted it as a piece of furniture to make the living room look nice," Marmol says, "So I started banging on it. It wasn't well-tuned, but little by little, I'd listen to a song on the radio and I was able to play it by ear."

He began lessons soon after that, and took it from there. Piano is more than a hobby for Marmol.

"It's an escape from reality," Marmol says.

That outlet helps him regroup and prepare for his next day on the police force.
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