Officer sings to soothe scared girl with special needs

SANTA ROSA, California (KTRK) -- A heartwarming moment was caught on camera between a school resource officer and a student with special needs.

The middle school girl, who is in a class for students with moderate to severe disabilities, is seen clutching a Kermit the Frog stuffed animal as she hovers next to the door.

That's when school resource officer Chris Morrison happened to walk by and stopped to sweetly sing Kermit's 1997 song, "Rainbow Connection," bringing a smile to the student's face.

Assistant Principal Jessica Romero captured the special moment on her phone.

Morrison "jumped right in - did not skip a beat," said Romero. "The three of us adults were standing there in awe."

Morrison "goes out of her way, goes above and beyond, especially in situations like this where a child just needs a little extra help," Santa Rosa Police Sgt Jeneane Kucker told ABC News.

Morrison, who has been with the Santa Rosa Police Department for 18 years, also spent 12 years as a teacher working with high-risk students in Los Angeles.

"It's typical of her with her personality. She's just a very caring officer, person in general to go out of her way to assist a teacher with this child," Kucker said.

"She's a very special soul," Romero added. "She comes to everything she does with heart, with empathy, and perspective, and is able to kind of build that rapport with students."
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