NYPD saves marriage proposal after ring falls between cracks of Brooklyn Bridge

One couple's romantic proposal almost became a nightmare after their engagement ring dropped into the cracks of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Olivia Fader and girlfriend Mal Harris of Halifax, Nova Scotia had planned a vacation to New York City with two friends last month. As a sign of their love, the couple was attaching locks to the bridge railing, one with their initials, and another with the words "Don't Freak Out."

On the engraved locket was a gold cut emerald diamond ring, with which Harris intended to propose to her girlfriend. Fader was in shock, and as she began to open it the ring fell straight into two planks of the bridges' boardwalk.

"While the duration of time the ring sat there for is wholly unknown to us -- time having been so distorted that afternoon -- it was long enough for Mal to think, 'Huh. That will be tricky to pick up,'" Fader wrote on her blog.

But just as quickly as the ring had become lodged between the planks, it slipped down and fell even further onto a platform below. Luckily, NYPD Officers Matthew Manley and William DeFazio were nearby and agreed to help them retrieve the ring. The officers stopped Saturday afternoon traffic to park on the bridge and look for the missing ring.

After a few minutes, Manley retrieved the ring from the street below. Once the couple had the ring back, Harris proposed again, and Fader said yes.

Read the full story of the almost-botched marriage proposal at Fader's blog.

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