Nudist resort in Montgomery County worried about new neighbors moving in

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- For decades, a nudist community has been surrounded by trees, offering privacy to its residents. Now, growth in the area may change things.

The Emerald Lake Resort was built near US-59 North in the 1980s.

The front and sides of the community are lined with a solid metal fence while the other two sides are filled with trees.

About 40 people live in RVs on the grounds full time, but throughout the year, guests from all over the county will come to stay.

The next phase of the 180-mile Grand Parkway highway is under construction just about two miles north of Emerald Lake.

"Everything is starting to explode in this area," resident Jonathan Lavergne said.

Shopping centers, office buildings and neighborhoods are now popping up all over the area.

Something else is moving next door to the secluded community, and recently, trees were cleared in the 40-acre lot.

"It was two or three trees sparse through there," Lavergne said. "It's actually starting to grow back."

Right now, residents are waiting to find out what is going to move in. Lavergne said some residents voiced concerns.

"They don't want everyone in the city or country to know who they are and where they're coming," Lavergne said.

An investor in the plot of land said they have not determined what will be built. Right now, they are exploring opportunities and will be mindful of neighbors.

"The growth isn't exploding overnight," Lavergne said. "It's a gradual growth. We are learning the growth and making the changes where need be."

Leaders of Emerald Lake have been meeting to figure out how they will adapt. Until they know what is moving in, they cannot say how they will be affected.

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