New Jersey State Police officer buys meal for man who was begging

When Trooper Sean Wallace was responding to a call about a man begging outside of a store, he handled it with a "heart of gold," according to the New Jersey State Police.

The man had been soliciting money from the store's customers in Hainesport Township on Oct. 1, the department said.

"Now, understandably a business has a right to protect its customers from unwanted solicitation. And Tpr. Wallace's only obligation was to advise the man not to solicit on the premises," reads a post on the department's Facebook page.

Instead, the video shows, the trooper questioned the man about how long it had been since he had eaten. When the man explained he was having trouble finding food for him and his wife, the officer bought the man a rotisserie chicken.

He asked the man not to loiter anymore, and the man thanked the officer.

"Trooper Sean Wallace has less than two years on the job, but he handled this situation like a 20-year veteran with a heart of gold," the post reads. "Some things you just can't teach in the academy."
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