New hands on science experience at the Health Museum

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Many flock to the Health Museum to check out its new DeBakey cell lab exhibit (KTRK)

It's a new hands-on science experience at the Health Museum. The DeBakey cell lab exhibit is now open. It has biology-based science experiments that visitors can check out.

The Herrmann sisters are learning all about DNA.

10-year-old Lorianna Herrmann says, "We're learning what DNA is. It's settling down there and then we're going to put it in a dropper and we'll be able to see the DNA."

Her younger sister Micayla says, "It tells me that DNA is sort of like a code and that it sort of tells the cells where to go."

Inside the Health Museum the DeBakey Cell Lab is inspiring. Parent Sarah Hermann says, "You can read about it but it's not the same. If you are able to see it and touch it and experience it all of a sudden it becomes very, very real."

Seven authentic biology based experiments are open for visitors ages 7 to adult. From cheek cell analysis to mystery microbes. The lab is named after respected and accomplished medical pioneer Dr. Michael DeBakey. Student Brichelle Pinson was on a field trip with Harmony Science Academy Northwest.

She says, "I love science. All the experiments are so cool and you get to learn and touch stuff and do different kinds of experiments."

The lab is a $1.2 million, 2,000 square-foot area. It's the only bilingual Cell Lab in the country. Visitors walk through the front and first put on a lab coat, gloves and goggles to even look the part.

By the time guests leave they feel like a real scientist and for the youngest minds here, they just might be one day. Pinson says, "I either want to be a scientist or pediatrician."
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