Hidden hearts on Galveston deliver message of love, kindness

GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) -- From the seawall to The Strand, there's a secret on Galveston Island and it comes in a little white package with a bow. It's left with love by a mystery artist.

"They are just meant for whoever finds them," the mystery artist said. "It started with about 20 of them."

Sometimes people walk right by it, missing the opportunity, and other times they pick up the package meant just for them.

"Leave gifts around for people to find? Wow. It's just amazing," gift recipient John Bison said.

"I think it really gives you hope in people. It's like that's really nice, really cool," gift recipient Jeanette Bassett said.

Maybe it inspires an ordinary day, or even a birthday, but it's the message behind it that really shape the story: an artist trying to spread her message of "receive, love, share."

"It's brought me so much joy," the artist said.

She's hidden more than 240 hearts across the island. The recipients are then asked to post a picture on Facebook with their gift.

The stories are touching. In fact, around Christmas, a little girl found the gift on the anniversary of her grandmother's death.

"They say it just totally changed the whole mood of the day," the artist said.

The gifts have been found on the seawall, in stores on the strand -- even the haunted bathroom at Hotel Galvez

"I always like random acts of kindness," Strand employee Demas Caravageli said.

And while the artist's name remains a mystery, there's nothing masked about this.

"Kindness and then when you feel that kindness you go out and do something kind for someone else," the artist said.

"It makes me feel loved," Bishop said.
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