Military family hoping to find 3-year-old girl's missing "daddy doll"

A mom in Ohio is on a desperate search to find her daughter's missing military "daddy doll."

The doll that belongs to 3-year-old Mattie Osborne is not just any toy, for it has her dad's picture as the face.

Mattie's mom Jessica Osborne told WXIX that she and her family live in Springboro, but her husband Brandon is not always around because he's in the Army.

Brandon is currently in Virginia for training with the Kentucky National Guard, and before he goes, Jessica says her two oldest daughters always get their "daddy doll."

"I had gotten it out Friday morning just to kind of give them that prep-talk, 'Dad's not going to be around for a while, but he's coming back,' kind of thing," Jessica said.

That same day is when Jessica says little Mattie's doll went missing.

Jessica says the doll brings them all comfort.

"It helps ease their mind when they can at least pick up the doll, hug it and see a picture of their father inside. It brings a little more comfort to them and bedtime is just a little bit easier," she said.

Jessica says she has retraced her steps and put out a post on social media in hopes that someone finds it. She says she is fine with replacing it, but she really hopes to find the original doll.