Meteorologist solves Rubik's cube while reporting forecast

Anyone who works in live news will tell you that doing a weather report on live TV can be tricky.

Now, imagine being live on-air while trying to solve a frustrating, brain-teasing puzzle!

The video of a meteorologist solving a Rubik's cube while giving a live weather report has surfaced the web.

"Can you solve this and give the forecast at the same time?" her co-workers ask.

"I'm gonna try!" she responds.

According to WFTS, Lauren Olesky showed off her skills on West Palm Beach affiliate's WPEC's morning show

Olesky's weather report took about three minutes, but she managed to solve the famous puzzle cube in about two-and-a-half.

"I need a pay raise," Olesky joked afterward.

The segment was shared online and has already had over 225,000 views on Facebook.

But, as it turns out, Olesky isn't the only multi-talented weather employee at WPEC.

Not to be outdone, fellow meteorologist Kate Wentzel joined in the fun by juggling during her weather segment.
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