Meet the designer behind Maleah Davis' 'My Little Pony' casket

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A bold and colorful casket was designed for Maleah Davis, the 4-year-old who was allegedly killed by her mothers ex-fiance.

The team at SoulShine Industries say they worked closely with members of Maleah's family to design her casket.

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The owner says it was their way of showing support for the family and making sure the 4-year-old was laid to rest surrounded by things she loved.

"It's so awesome to me because my whole team felt that this was something special. Everyone wanted to go the extra mile for this little girl," owner of SoulShine Industries, Trey Ganem, said.

Every single detail of the casket was thoughtfully planned around the colorful "My Little Pony" theme, which was Maleah's favorite.

"We had a casket, and we tore it completely apart. We did a full custom paint job on the casket for Maleah," Ganem said.

A designer worked closely with the family, who provided photos of Maleah to share of the casket.

The entire process took the team about 12 hours to complete. The casket features graphics of rainbows, ponies and balloons.

The inside of the casket features a sparkly fabric and carries over the "My Little Pony" theme.

"The pictures that they sent us of her, we actually put her on a rainbow dash where she was actually riding a rainbow dash," Ganem said.

The casket was delivered to Maleah's family. Ganem says the goal for creating the casket was to capture Maleah's spirit for her final resting place in hopes it will help her family heal.

"To see the joy that it brings, to see that they get something super special that truly represents their loved one," Ganem said.

The 4-year-old will be buried in the casket at a private funeral on Saturday.


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