Man with only 99 cents to his name tries to tour multi-million dollar mansion

DETROIT, Michigan -- A Michigan man with only 99 cents to his name tried to convince a realtor to show him a multi-million dollar home.

The man showed the realtor papers saying that he had been recently released from prison after serving time for attempted murder. The realtor called his bank and learned the man only had 99 cents, so she didn't give him a tour.

"His behavior appeared disheveled and not your typical person that you might see purchasing a $5 million property," Al Block, president of the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors told WXYZ.

It turns out the man had also gone to two other real estate agents trying to get a tour of million dollar homes.

Block told WXYZ that while it's not illegal, the association wanted to warn other realtors as a precaution.

He added that agents often take personal information like phone numbers, not just to sell, but for personal safety reasons and to protect the property.