Man who held small anniversary gathering tests positive for COVID-19

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Emilian V. White and his wife Kim Gagne had just celebrated 27 years of marriage.

It was a small gathering with a few friends, but days later, he went to see the doctor.

"Kim checked my temperature and she said 'Ah no! You have a fever.' That night, I sweated like crazy, and the bed was wringing wet," said White.

The couple went to the doctor and White was admitted.

"It's a lonely experience, but you've got to be prayerful and mindful. You've got to have a positive attitude, because you don't get to see anybody and everybody is in hazmat suits," said White.

The isolation was tough on White's entire family.

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"Once he started feeling a little bit better, we would talk to him on the phone," said Gagne.

He even got a special call from a college friend, Steve Harvey.

"Steve Harvey called me and said, 'Get your a** out of bed,'" White said.

Harvey then said a prayer and White continued to keep his spirits up.

On Wednesday, after nine days in the hospital, White got to go back home with his family.

"I'm still a little weak, not 100%. I'm trying to get more air in my lungs. I'm practicing my breathing, but I'm better," White said.

While he's still isolated, he's home and grateful for so much.

"I felt absolutely blessed. The fact, that you know, that I'm here to talk about it and share my testimony and try to help other people," said White.

The couple is asking people to stay at home and self-isolate.

After the small gathering, five people became sick with the virus.

"People are still thinking about having Easter dinners," White said. "I'm telling you do not do that."

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