TAKING THE REINS: Houston cowboy rides up to McDonald's drive-thru with not 1, but 2 horses

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- We've heard of people riding up to drive-thru windows on horseback before, but have you ever seen one person bring along two horses?

That's what Cowboy Bill Lamza did on Thursday.

Lamza made the fast-food visit to McDonald's around lunchtime. He showed up on one horse, but a second one was right next to him with no one riding it.

Why the need for the extra saddle?

Lamza tells ABC13, "A cowboy always has an extra for the good-looking girls who might want to tag along."

We're just going to leave that explanation right there.

No word on what he (or the horses) ordered on their trip to the Golden Arches. But if you ever need to hitch a ride, at least you know Lamza might be able to offer up a seat.
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