Man hopes to deliver Christmas gift he found in the street to the rightful owner

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It looks like Santa dropped one.

On Christmas morning, John Williamson was on his way to church when something caught his eye. It was a shiny red perfectly wrapped Christmas gift just laying in the street.

Williamson found the present sitting on the corner of Milwee St. and Mangum road with its tag still in tact--which read "From: Grams."

Williamson said he suspects "Grams" is probably short for grandma. It's not clear who the gift was going to but all he knew is that someone would be disappointed that their gift was never received.

"I imagine it fell off someone's bike or possibly was on top of somebody's car, and they started driving without realizing it and it fell off," said Williamson.

Going door-to-door in his neighborhood to see if the gift belonged to anyone was Williamson's first course of action. He also made a stop by a local church in the area to see if anyone might have mentioned a lost Christmas gift.

When Williamson didn't have any luck, he took to the internet and posted a picture of the gift and his contact information on hoping the owner might get in touch.

Williamson has asked that if anyone recognizes the gift, or maybe "Grams" handwriting, to get in touch with him.

"In the end, if I don't get any calls or emails about it, then I will give it away still wrapped up and sight unseen to some charity," Williamson added.
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