Rosenberg man receives toll booth bill for empty truck he donated to charity

ROSENBERG, Texas (KTRK) -- UPDATE - 5/2: HCTRA has dismissed all tolls and fees.


A Rosenberg man is pleading for help to get him out of a toll booth billing mess on a truck that was being towed.

Bobby Lynn tells Eyewitness News what he thought would be a simple fix has been much more complicated.
Lynn says when he donated his Ford truck to the non-profit Texans Can Cars for Kids two years ago, he thought he was done with it.

Two weeks ago, he got a notice from a collection agency that he owed $85.50 for three tolls and fees on the truck he did not own anymore from the day it was towed away.

"I thought it was ridiculous. I was like, 'Okay, I'm going to call these folks up,'" said Lynn, a single father.

He requested a photo from the Harris County Toll Road Authority as proof, which infuriated him even more.

"There's nobody in it," Lynn said. "It's going backwards."

HCTRA's own picture clearly shows no driver and the truck facing backwards, as if it's being towed. It seemed like a simple fix, but between the collection agency and HCTRA, Lynn says he's gotten nowhere.

"It should be easier to prove yourself innocent," Lynn said.
HCTRA sent Eyewitness News this statement:

"We will review this driver's inquiry and will gladly provide resolution."

The agency also suggests removing EZ tags and license plates, in similar situations if possible, and contacting them directly at with any issues.

Lynn feels like he's done his part.

"I have a career and a family, and when something like this comes up, that's a blemish on my record. I'd like them to take it off," said Lynn.

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