Two Morton Ranch students claim discrimination before senior prom because they're lesbians

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Prom is tomorrow for Morton Ranch High School students, but two girls feel they're off prom court just because they're gay.

Both students say they won't sit back and accept it.

Sam Washburn and Shenta Knox are both seniors and both ran for prom court.

They found out this week they did not make the cut for prom court, but they say they've been given conflicting reasons as to why.

They say they were first told they didn't get enough votes, but the assistant principal refused to show them vote totals.

After days of requesting meetings with the principal, they got another answer on Friday. They say the administration's story changed, now saying they didn't make court because the girls had a detention for going off campus to buy lunch one day.

The girls believe this is discrimination because they're lesbians.

"I've never experienced that. I mean, maybe a few weird looks here and there, but yeah, it's like upsetting," Washburn said.

"I'm not even fighting to be on prom court anymore," Knox said. "I'm fighting for what's going on underneath the surface."

Katy ISD responded saying this is not about the girls being lesbians. They say students have to meet three criteria to be on court: they have to have enough votes, have good enough grades and no disciplinary problems.

The girls say the school's story changed so many times, they're not buying it.

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