League City residents hit with huge water bills in error

LEAGUE CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A software glitch in League City led to residents being erroneously charged hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their water bills.

"This the first time we're getting a paper bill like this," said resident Johnny Abraham.

Abraham said he got his water bill Monday and did a double take.

"I was wondering what's going on," Abraham recalls. "It said $127 water bill."

His bill is normally half of that, but this happened to a lot of residents in League City who are enrolled in automatic bill pay.

According to the city of League City's website, there was a glitch in the new utility software system.

A statement reads..."an error occurred during the automated bank draft payments for water bills with a due date of April 1, 2019 causing some of our customers to be incorrectly charged."

If you're set up for automated bank draft payments, you should check your bank accounts for any charges from the City of League City from Thursday, March 28 through Monday, April 1.

The city says don't worry about the extra charges. The billing department has issued a reversal of all bank draft payments. Depending on your bank, customers should see the money credited back to their accounts in the next few days.

If you do not see a reversal by Wednesday, April 3, you should call 281-554-1335 or email UBService@leaguecitytx.gov.

The city also says customers who incurred any fees or charges from the bank after the error should call for reimbursement.

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