Katy ISD officer 1st runner-up in Miss United States pageant

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Katy ISD officer Shannon Dresser, who took home the Miss Texas title in May, was the 1st runner-up for the Miss United State title. Miss Florida Rachael Todd won the pageant.

Dresser took the crown for Miss Texas United States on May 12.

Dresser is better known by students as Officer Dresser, a police officer with the Katy Independent School District Police Department.

"When they know me as Officer Dresser and they see me out there sweating and running and taking care of everything that when they find out I have an outside part of me that's really girly, they're usually blown away," she said.

Dresser has competed in pageants since she was a child. Her passion for baton twirling led her to pageants where she was able to showcase her skill.

She comes from a law enforcement family. Both her parents are retired LAPD officers.

"I'm really glad I can have those two worlds because I really think it does mold me and ground me, because it lets me be who I am," she said.

Dresser is involved in multiple programs to help mentor young people and bridge the gap between police and the public.

She faces stereotypes both as an officer and as a beauty queen, but she takes it in stride. Just as she teaches the students she mentors, as long as you're true to yourself, you can't go wrong.

"You can do anything that you want to do," she said. "I'm not just Officer Dresser and I'm not just Miss Katy. I'm both. I'm Shannon."

She said it may be surprising but some qualities that make her a good officer also let her excel in pageants.

"You train for the unexpected. You train for the worst and hope for the best in any situation," she said. "Talking to people. I can talk to anyone, talk people down."

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