Katy baby featured on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' for big and wild hair

KATY, TX (KTRK) -- When we say "Everything is bigger in Texas," we mean it -- and can prove it.

That's the case for a Katy baby who was featured on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Kimmel's Big Hair Baby Bingo is a segment that shows babies with a lot of hair.

During Wednesday night's episode, a big screen displayed families from across the country with their children and their wild hair.

Kimmel spun the bingo hopper, which popped out a ball with Alex's name. The 10-month-old girl and her family are from Katy.

"Oh, wow. That's exactly what my hair looked like in junior high school," Kimmel said. "Do people remark upon Alex's hair everywhere she goes?"

"People want to touch it. They ask if I put stuff in it," Alex's mother said.

Kimmel said that Alex even looks like a member of REO Speedwagon.

"We have to turn the back because she's got a mullet going back here," Alex's mother said.

Kimmel suggested that Alex continue to keep growing her hair.

We think she needs a "Big hair, don't care" shirt.
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