Man with Cowboys Super Bowl LI tattoo to reveal what he will do next

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (KTRK) -- Some Dallas Cowboys fans are still trying to recover from the team's loss against the Green Bay Packers Sunday night, and for one die-hard fan, he's having to figure out what to do with his Cowboys-themed Super Bowl tattoo.

If you remember back in December, stand-up comedian Jordan Garnett got the attention of millions across the internet after he got a tattoo on his arm that read "Super Bowl LI Championship" with the photo of the Cowboys logo.

He put it out there for the world to see when he shared a photo of his tattoo on social media. That's when he started receiving death threats from Cowboys fans saying the tattoo jinxed the team.

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"I think it's funny that a 24-year-old chubby comedian who lives with his grandmother apparently jinxed the Cowboys," Garnett said.

Garnett said he has always wanted to get a Cowboys Super Bowl tattoo, but he's glad he didn't do it last season after Tony Romo went down with an injury.

"I think it's time now," Garnett said.

Jordan Garnett shows off his Cowboys Super Bowl tattoo

Jordan Garnett

Well, what now? The Packers won in thrilling fashion with a game-winning field goal in the final seconds to eliminate the Cowboys from the playoffs.

After the game, Garnett shared a statement to those who fired back about his tattoo.

"I need a bit to recollect. I will make a statement in the next couple of days. I really believed this was our year," Garnett wrote.

Garnett has been asking people to tune in tonight as he will tell the world what he will do with his tattoo.

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