HPD program changing lives of young people

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Honor, integrity, and respect: It's the core message of the Houston Police Department program called "Character Does Matter."

Geared at promoting interaction with police, the program changes lives of one young person at a time. On Friday, they made a visit to the AAMA Chavez High School, where they're sharing their message with students between sixth and 12th grade.

"The Character Does Matter Training Program is a national school-based leadership training program that's 'umbrella'ed' under the Travis Manian Foundation, which our police department has embraced and incorporated into community development for our youth," says Captain Gregory Fremin with the HPD.

In Friday's presentation, students learned about the fallen First Lieutenant Travis Manian. Before leaving for his final mission to Iraq, he said, "If not me, then who?" That phrase became the core of the Travis Manian Foundation and started the movement to inspire others to serve the community.

"We push this out to the children in a positive model because they are truly the future generation of our leaders, and we want to be part of development of our future leaders," explains Fremin. "We teach them the core values of character development: honor, integrity, and respect, which are the core values of our police department."

It's a message that middle school counselor Angela Medina welcomes.

"Students need to hear about that and learn how to use their moral judgment. They need to learn how to stand up for what's correct and what's right," Medina says.

It's a lesson that student Elizabeth Apreza will remember after Friday's presentation.

"I would keep the model in mind, so I could encourage other people," adds Apreza. null
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