Houston Uber driver reunites passenger with missing $700

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Rogelio Garcia was frantic earlier this week.

After losing more than $700 in cash and an expensive money clip, he searched and searched but the panic only got worse.

He eventually asked his nephew to search, too, but the money seemed to have vanished in thin air.

But then Rogelio remembered he had taken an Uber hours earlier. He feared the money was long gone.

They turned to the app to report a stolen item, and they were connected to driver Ade Adeleye.

"The minute he answered, I mean he didn't even wait for me to say anything," Rogelio said. "He said, 'I have a real nice clip with $703.'"

Ade said he had multiple riders in his car before another passenger found the cash.

Drivers can't contact former passengers, so he said he was relieved when Rogelio called

"What does not belong to me does not belong to me. I had to give it back," Ade said.

Both Ade and Rogelio hope this can be an example for others to do the right thing.

Rogelio added an extra large tip for Ade- $100 as a thank you for saving the day.

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