Houston Buddhist community sends positive energy to Sri Lanka following deadly blasts

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The attacks happened thousands of miles away, but many people in a Houston Buddhist community are hurting.

After more than 200 were killed, Houstonians came together Sunday night to find peace for those impacted.

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It started in silence outside by lighting candles. Later, the silence turned into prayer as Houston Buddist Vihara held a special service.

For nearly an hour, they came together to heal not only those overseas, but themselves.

"Nobody can tolerate it. Nobody can accept it. Nobody wants it to happen again," said Words audience member, Nivantha Rowel.

Rowel said he needed to hear as he's still coming to terms with what happened.

"I didn't realize that it's a true story, but unfortunately, yes," Rowel said.

Rowel said his friend lost his mother, father, and child when a bomb exploded inside a Catholic Church.

"I've been there, personally, several times," Rowel said. "I was in Sri Lanka. I know that place very well. Seeing how badly it was damaged because of these bomb blasts, it's really hard to bear."

In the coming days, the Sri Lankan American Association of Houston says it's going to explore ways to help those impacted by the deadly blasts. But Sunday, it started there.

On a day when Christians were celebrating Easter, this group came together as well to let them know they're not alone.

"We're all humans," Rowel said. "We have the right to live. It doesn't matter what the religion is. Human is for human. Agony cannot be ended by agony, that's the main thing that I know."

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