Homeless man and girl with Down syndrome share heartwarming duet outside shelter

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (KTRK) -- Grab a tissue and get ready to cry tears of joy. This might be the sweetest thing you see all day.

A mother in South Carolina captured the moment when her young daughter, who has Down syndrome, sang a duet with a homeless man.

Kimberly Phillips said it made her heart full because her daughter, Neveah, is usually non-verbal, but she lifted her voice to croon along with him.

This happened outside the Christ Central Concessions of Hope homeless shelter on Jan. 26.

The next day, Phillips discovered the video she posted of their impromptu performance had hit a million views online.

Phillips set out to find the man again to let him know about their viral success.

In another post on Facebook, she said she located him and gave him the exciting news.

"I can't tell you how full our hearts are!!!! His smile said it all:)!!! And each time he passed me he said, 'a million views???' He has been in shock:)!" Phillips said in her post.

Watch the video above to get in on the happiness!

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