Hero from devastating wreck motivated to become officer

SPLENDORA, Texas (KTRK) -- A Splendora man who stopped a deadly DWI suspect from getting away, continues to show why he's a hero.

With the May sun beaming down, Sean Allison stood among the weeds thinking about how much two crosses changed his life.

"It feels like it was yesterday," Allison recalled.

Four years ago, he was driving when he spotted an accident along U.S. 59 in Splendora. Allison's attention turned when he spotted a man running from the scene. He chased him to a parking lot.

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"As soon as I got behind him, I could smell the trail of alcohol that he was leaving," Allison recalled.

After tackling the suspect, Allison pinned him on the grass and waited for police.

"That was actually the longest six minutes of my life," Allison remembered.

Alejandro Lopez was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Days after the crash, Allison told Eyewitness News he was angry.

"I still am, because regardless of him getting 40 years, that still doesn't bring them back," Allison referred to Brad and Shea Frazier, the couple who passed away because of Lopez's actions.

The anger isn't holding him back. He's harnessed his emotions into helping others.

Brad's brother, Brandon Frazier, is in law enforcement. After hearing Allison tackled the suspect, the two became close. Brandon encouraged Allison to pursue the police academy.

"To see somebody who had a goal, like him, meet that, that was pretty phenomenal," Brandon said.

Four years later, not only did he graduate, he's now working as a Splendora ISD officer.

"When I got here to the school, it was awesome," Allison said. "The positivity. The kids coming up to you, hugging you everyday."

Allison isn't the only one excelling. The Fraziers' kids are doing well too.

"I think they're doing well, all things considered," said the kids' grandfather, John Frazier. "They seem to be very well adjusted and happy."

Sienna, now 7, and Raina, 4, live with immediate family. Raina will start school this fall. Sienna just made the honor roll.

The family credits a lot of the achievement to community support. Following the wreck, a number of people donated money and items.

"We try to make the best decisions we can to put them on the right path, and the decisions we feel they would support," Brandon said. "But I don't think anything would ever change that they would prefer to be the ones here."

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