COOL SPACES: Gordy & Sons Outfitters is a luxe hunter's paradise

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Gordy & Sons Outfitters, a new luxury hunting and fly fishing retail experience, has become the favorite destination for high-end sportsmen and women looking for the very best.

Located at 22 Waugh Dr., the 1950s stucco and brick building on an acre of land was given a total transformation for the ultimate customer experience.

From the private parking and foyer, the elevator brings visitors to an 11,000-square-foot marvel of open retail design. Wide longleaf pine floors, exposed brick and wooden beams, stamped copper-panel ceilings, a lounge area of handsome leather furniture, oriental carpets and walls filled with sporting art set the tone.

The fly fishing area has lofty ceilings, natural light and racks of rods ranging from the latest in saltwater high-performance to supple, six-foot retro glass rods for small trout waters.

Within a walled garden outside, a large casting pool gives anglers the opportunity to try and test-drive their rods, reels and lines before they buy.

The centerpiece of the grand showroom is the jaw-dropping bank vault door that leads to a vast walk-in safe featuring an inventory of rare and unique bespoke guns, living up to what many say is the finest gun room in the world.

"I call it functional art, artwork with a bang," said retail manager Mike Burnett. "Nobody can fathom it until they've truly seen it."

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