Good Samaritan returns $10K found on New York subway

New York, NEW YORK (KTRK) -- A woman says her faith in humanity is restored after a good Samaritan returned the $10,000 she lost.

Richard Taverna from New York discovered the woman's purse on a subway platform in December, and turned the money over to police.

Investigators then linked the money to the woman who reported it lost a day earlier.

She says she left the bag while in a rush to make her flight back home to Kazakhstan.

"It pretty much wasn't mine, and I knew somebody was in a pretty bad shape at that point," Taverna told WCBS. "It was never any question about turning it in."

Taverna was awarded a golden statue of a soldier, which symbolizes strength and honor in Kazakhstan.

As for all of the money, the woman says it was meant to buy her children's Christmas presents.
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