Gay couple recreates Pride photo 24 years later

"The youth needs to see that it is possible to find loving partner and that the relationship can last!" Nick Cardello told ABC. (Nick Cardello)

A gay couple's recent recreation of a photo they took in 1993 is going viral.

The original 1993 photo shows Nicholas Cardello and Kurt English at the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. The second image shows Cardello, now 54, and English, now 52, recreating the same pose at the Equality March for Unity & Pride in Washington on June 11. The image has been retweeted over 160,000 times and liked over 630,000 times on Twitter.

"We could never have imaged the incredible response to this that we received," Cardello told ABC via email. "We were deeply touched by people's personal stories and comments from around the world about the challenges that they experience in their personal lives and in their particular cultures."

Nick and Kurt say they have been together since 1992 and got legally married in 2008 in Boston for Federal recognition and again in 2015 in their home state of Florida.

The couple at their 1992 "commitment" ceremony.

The couple at their wedding in 2015.

"People ask how we lasted for 25 years? That is a good question especially since the structure of our society is set up to pull us apart!" Cardello said. "The comments also made us keenly aware we cannot take what we have for granted. A loving partner can be a difficult thing to find, once you do you must protect it and nurture it."
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