Former U.S. Marine veteran rescues flag during storm on Fourth of July

DEER PARK, Texas (KTRK) -- The rain that filled Houston bayous and streets is how we will likely remember this July 4th, but there's also another image to consider-- that of a man in the rain with a flag that had fallen over in a Deer Park esplanade.

"I ran up to the flag and picked it up, and made sure it was unfurled correctly and stand straight up," Marine Veteran Anthony Rodriguez said.

This was an act that isn't surprising, because Rodriguez served on active duty in Iraq for five years.

It was Rodriguez's dream since childhood to be a Marine. A suicide bombing attack left him seriously injured, and ended his service, but not his sense of duty.

"My love for this country and for that flag has no bearing. If there's rain or a hurricane, I'm gonna go get it and put it where it's supposed to be," Rodriguez said.

Fiancee Jessica Giese took the pictures from the car and posted them on Facebook to send a message.

"Be proud of who you are, be proud of America, be proud of your flag that flies high and strong, because of people like him," Giese said.

Anthony Rodriguez is no longer in uniform, but once a Marine, always a Marine. That includes in pouring rain.

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