Fewer people staying home as government officials discuss lifting restrictions

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The "Stay-At-Home" order in Texas is set to expire on Thursday, April 30, but new cell phone data shows many people already venturing out of their homes.

According to our analysis of cellphone location data provided by Safegraph, fewer people have been staying home since mid-April.

The increase comes after government officials announced the thought of lifting social distancing restrictions.

Here's what the cellphone data shows:
Harris County dropped from 42.2% on April 17 to 39.8% on Friday, April 24

Montgomery County dropped from 40.1% on April 17 to 38.0% on Friday, April 24

Galveston County dropped from 39.2% on April 17 to 36.8% on Friday, April 24

Fort Bend County dropped from 47.9% on April 17 to 45.6% on Friday, April 24

Brazoria County dropped from 38.0% on April 17 to 36.2% on Friday, April 24

Overall, the trends in the Houston area are similar to the rest of the state.

On April 17th, 40.6% of Texans were staying home. By the 24th, only 37% were staying home, according to Safegraph.
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