EXCLUSIVE: More road rage, brawl on the streets of Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It's been an aggressive month for some drivers in the city of Houston with another brawl unfolding Wednesday afternoon.

In cell phone video sent to abc13, eyewitness Laura Elizalde recorded the incident on Wayside Drive and Telephone Road in southeast Houston.

"There was traffic and everyone was watching," Elizalde said.

Full Video Road Rage street fight in Southeast Houston

VIDEO: Two women involved in road rage incident in north Houston

Another eyewitness at a nearby tire shop says the road rage incident started over a turn. Witnesses tell Eyewitness News that the white van pulled up and tried to make a left turn from the right lane. When the driver realized he couldn't make the turn, the driver behind the van became impatient and retaliated.

"Most people just see stuff like that they bust out with their phones and holler 'WorldStar,' they think it's funny," Mario Lizaga Jr. said.

This is the third recorded road rage incident just this month.

Just days before, another road rage incident turned violent in northwest Houston. A woman is seen getting out with her boyfriend and confronting the two men behind her. The two end up getting into a brawl in the street and smashing into the man's car before they take off. That case is headed to a grand jury.

VIDEO: Heated road rage incident captured on camera in NW Houston

Word to the wise -- just calm down because it's not worth it.

"You never know the other person have a pistol and you can lose your life over something stupid," Lizaga added.
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